Candidate Physical Agility Test

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In June 2006 the Trussville Fire Department became a Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) Training Center for new fire recruits for the State of Alabama. This mandatory physical ability test must be passed by all candidates wanting to be a firefighter in the state of Alabama. The overall consensus found the test to be a good predictor of an applicant’s ability to perform basic fire fighting task. The eight test evolutions described are:

Step 1       Step 2       Step 3       Step 4

        1. Stair Climb                     2. Hose Drag                  3. Equipment Carry                 4.LadderRaise

Step 5      Step 6        Step 7       Step 8

     5. Forcible Entry                    6. Search                               7. Rescue                 8. Ceiling Breach & Pull



Trussville Fire Departments CPAT training center is climate controlled and all tasks are performed inside except the ladder raise.


For information on Orientation and testing dates please contact Assistant Fire Chief, Tim Shotts at 205-661-4031 or Check the Alabama Fire College web site for all other testing sites and dates in Alabama. 


August of 2006 Trussville Fire and Rescue became known as a Permanent Alabama Training Center for the Alabama Fire College. There are only 20 permanent training facilities in the state. The Trussville Fire Department can now train new recruits to become firefighters. In March of 2007 Trussville also became 1 of 6 training facilities in the state for a Permanent Haz-mat Training Center site. Our training center was named and dedicated to Lewis (Cooter) Simpson.